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4 July 2022 06:05


The Enemy in the Nest tv series is the biggest evil scriptwriters!

The debate over the removal of The Enemy in the Nest that caused 6 episodes on the Show TV screens caused controversy.

Mesut Yar, a journalist in Posta newspaper, carried the error of the screenwriters of the series to the corner:


We could have been together in six episodes. “Enemy in the Nest” is making the final. Show TV had a good idea to carry a frequently used lid around the world cinema. At least no one has come to mind …

But! Every job does not always hold. The series is particularly over-caricaturized by the character of Selin, who lives in the house and whose duma is dumb, and the gaps that cause the viewer not to digest the story, “I will speed”.

Well, it’s a goodbye. The scriptwriters had to focus on the hostile enemy in the scenario. First they had to undercut the dark side of “what they wrote, who now they watched”. It was a pity!

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