Engin's planning of everything in the Yargı caused a riot! All theory wasted!
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2 December 2022 20:02


Engin’s planning of everything in the Yargı caused a riot! All theory wasted!

Kanal D’s TV series, Yargı, which is watched with great excitement every Sunday evening, came to the screen with scenes that surprised the audience again last night. In last night’s episode, it was revealed that he planned Engin’s poisoning and death himself. However, this situation did not please the audience at all.

The viewers of the Yargı series have been producing theories about Engin’s murderer after the episode aired every week for a while. Although the murderer looked like Ceylin, suspicions ranged from Merdan to Engin’s father Yekta and mother Laçin.

After the episode aired every week, the audience shared their ideas about who the murderer was on social media, and there were discussions. However, none of these theories turned out to be true. The killer turned out to be Engin, who was the victim himself. So Engin was the instigator of his murder. He had thought of everything down to the last detail so that Ceylin would appear as the murderer.

This situation emerged with the video Engin took before he died. Thus, all the knots have been untied. However, this did not please the audience. In the comments they made on social media, the viewers said that this situation was ridiculous and that all their theories were wasted.

One viewer expressed his reaction with these words: “This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard in my life, so why would you do such a thing? It’s impossible for a character like Engin to get himself killed. You used to write a narcissistic and secret psychopath character and then you would go and have yourself killed. So all the excitement is the theory… You’re upset.”

One viewer pointed out that it is too much for a person to contemplate his own death and wrote:

“A person with a wrong context cannot design his own murder that much, there are so many wrong dialogues in between, this did not happen, it was like a dream world, we watched so many episodes in vain, then we looked at everyone with suspicious eyes, it was the wrong context, and the screenwriter who made nonsense.”

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