Enjoy the last episodes of Sefirin Kızı!
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29 November 2022 12:00


Enjoy the last episodes of Sefirin Kızı!

Sefirin Kızı (The Ambassador’s Daughter) series is moving towards the end of the screen life. Star TV series, which lost to the new series Kağıt Ev (Paper House) on Monday evenings, will now be broadcast on Tuesday evenings. Engin Akyürek and Tuba Büyüküstün will meet in the leading roles in the series, which will air its 49th episode on Tuesday, April 20.

In Sefirin Kızı, which will make the final with its 52nd episode, the last 4 episodes have been entered. Rating is no longer expected. Where the story will go and the enjoyment of the audience from the last episodes will be highlighted. Here is the details of what will happen in the 49th episode of the Sefirin Kızı series and the new trailer:

Sancar lives the happiness of being a big family. Thanks to Mavi’s efforts for Mavi and Melek, the doors of the mansion are opened again. However, Halise’s callus heart has no intention of opening its doors.

While Sedat and Güven increase the dose of the pressure they have placed on Halise, Gül at the mansion is dragged into a terrible suspicion about Halise in the face of what they witnessed. Halise, on the other hand, is torn between her conscience and the possibility of losing her child.

While trying to digest what she learned, Elvan is forced to make decisions that will change her whole life, one after another. While the tides are living between her mind and heart, she will be stuck in the corner with the moves of Bora and Yahya.

While Sancar is trying to get rid of the doubts in his heart and protect his whole family, he will be tested with a decision that Mavi will make alone. Moreover, this decision affects not only both of them, but also other lives that Sancar loves.

Broadcast Day: Tuesday, April 20
Release Time: 20.00

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