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26 May 2022 08:17


Erdal Özyagcılar, the master actor who caught the coronavirus, warned his followers?

Master actor Erdal Özyağcılar appeared in front of the audience with the character of “Hasan Ali” in the TV series Yasak Elma, which was broadcast on Fox TV. Erdal Özyağcılar, who stayed in the series for only one season, did not make a new series agreement after Yasak Elma and focused on theater studies.

The master actor, who was preparing to meet his fans with the theater play Hoşgeldin Boyacı, in which he shared the lead role with Berna Laçin and Gözde Çetiner, caught the coronavirus.

The result of the actor who had a pre-game PCR test for precautionary purposes was positive. Erdal Özyağcılar, who was in quarantine, sprinkled water in the hearts of his fans with his Instagram post.

The actor, who shared the newspaper news about him on his Instagram account, dropped the following note; “It’s not bad news….the good news in a way is that I became two sinovacs and two biontecs, became an omicron…and I got the fifth overrun naturally. something like the flu…but be careful though…

Get your vaccinations done…it was a celebration…it was happy, stay away from closed places….I will be on stage in a week and ten days…I will be faced with your warm love flowing into my heart…thanks to everyone who sent their well-wishers.”

The actor, who also called on his followers not to cancel their game tickets, made the statement, “See you on the theater stage in 10 days”.

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