Artists News Erkan Avcı finished another legend after The Pit!

Erkan Avcı finished another legend after The Pit!


The famous actor Erkan Avcı took part in the second season of The Pit series. The actor, who gave life to a bad guy nicknamed Ceto, was one of the names that marked the 2018/2019 season. However, The Pit adventure lasted only 1 season.

Then, the famous actor took part in the TRT1 series named Champion in the 2019-2020 season. Erkan Avcı, who portrayed the character of victory, successfully completed the 34-week marathon. Erkan Avcı, who deserves recognition for his acting success, has finished another character that left a mark on his fans’ minds.

Erkan Avcı, who has been acting since 2006, once again influenced his fans with heartbreaking tears in the finale of the Champion series. But it’s time to say goodbye, and the actor posted a farewell on his Instagram account.

Expressing his feelings with a short message, Erkan Avcı wrote:

“I guess only moments and memories remain, good or bad .. Farewell short is acceptable. We lived a lot of good and bad things together; the bads are over. The good are ours. You know all the Champion family love you.”