Artists News Erkan Petekkaya fans will be surprised by the actor’s first absurd comedy project

Erkan Petekkaya fans will be surprised by the actor’s first absurd comedy project


Erkan Petekkaya takes part in an absurd comedy for the first time. Erkan Petekkaya, who has played strong roles in many drama stories and has a very wide fan base, will surprise his followers this time.

The master actor will appear before his fans with a very different character in his new movie called Filme Gel (Come to the Movie). The countdown has begun for the production called Filme Gel to meet the audience.

The countdown has begun for Filme Gel starring Erkan Petekkaya, Levent Ülgen and Fırat Doğruloğlu! The production, which is about the laughter-filled adventures of three friends trying to make a movie, will be released on January 5.

Master actor Erkan Petekkaya appears before the audience for the first time with an absurd comedy! “Filme Gel”, starring Petekkaya with Levent Ülgen and Fırat Doğruloğlu, will be released on Friday, January 5. Produced by Berton Media and directed by İhsan Taş, the comedy production will create laughter in movie theaters.


Successful actors Tolga Güleç, Çiçek Dilligil, Aslıhan Karalar, Orçun Kaptan and Deniz Hamzaoğlu also took part in “Filme Gel”, the shooting of which was completed in Çanakkale.

The production, which moviegoers have been eagerly awaiting, will bring to the big screen the funny events that happened to three friends who wanted to shoot a movie.


The plot of “Filme Gel” is as follows: Çetin’s biggest dream, who works as an extra on the sets, is to be promoted to the leading role.

Necmi, who lived abroad for years and actually sold pirated CDs there, lied that he was a director when he returned to his hometown. Muzo, on the other hand, is a man who does whatever job he finds but cannot do anything.

Three friends decide to shoot the movie, the script of which was written by Necmi. The movie tells a road story. Çetin gets his brother-in-law’s old minibus repaired to use in the filming.

Seda, who is forced to marry an old man by her family while they are about to hit the road, abandons the wedding and secretly hides in the minibus. And our heroes embark on a journey full of surprises.