Erkan Petekkaya shoots the audience from his home again!
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2 December 2022 19:42


Erkan Petekkaya shoots the audience from his home again!

The O Kız (That Girl) series, broadcast on Kanal D on Wednesday evenings, marks the screens with the acting of Erkan Petekkaya and Sezin Akbaşoğulları in the lead roles.

Dilin Döğer and Cengiz Orhonlu accompany two master actors in the series. Erkan Petekkaya gives life to a 45-year-old man with the intelligence of a 5-year-old in The O Kız, the original story of experienced screenwriter Sırma Yanık.

The comments that the famous actor received from the audience of the series show that he has successfully overcome this difficult role.

Erkan Petekkaya’s success in the character of ‘Kadir’ continues to receive commendable comments from his fans.

Erkan Petekkaya, who shared the trailer of the episode published on Wednesday, October 5, on his social media account, received remarkable comments from his fans.

Under the actor’s share, by his followers, “You are hitting our home again. I bow to your art.”, Great acting, I’m looking forward to Wednesday. and “What kind of acting is it, halal.” There were hundreds of comments.

Each new episode of Kanal D’s O Kız, produced by Content House and directed by Özlem Günhan, stands out with its different story and acting performances, is eagerly awaited.

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