Artists News Esra Bilgiç gave the bitter news!

Esra Bilgiç gave the bitter news!


Many people have different problems due to the coronvirus outbreak, and Esra Bilgiç, who drew attention to these issues, said important words.

Esra Bilgiç, who met with Oktay Kaynarca, Uraz Kaygılaroğlu and Birand Tunca in social media, mentioned how lucky the residents are at home.

“We are fortunate enough to spend the process in our house. We follow the agenda, but there are a lot of people who have to work, have to go to work, have to go to the hospital for regular treatment, have to go for surgery,” even the healthy people struggle. She explained that the process was even more difficult for those who were sick.

From time to time, 4 famous names will come together in live broadcasts and will raise the issue of helping various associations. First of all, the Turkish Cancer Foundation was discussed. Esra Bilgiç also gave some bitter news from her close circle.

The actress said, “I also lost my very close friend’s mother last week. She was also a cancer patient. They spend so hard that it is not possible for us to understand this process. It would be a good job for them if we support them as much as we can and create social awareness. we have to come together, ” she said.