Even the trailer of the Hakim series is the event; The audience had goosebumps!
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29 September 2022 01:35


Even the trailer of the Hakim series is the event; The audience had goosebumps!

Adapted from the famous US TV series Your Honor, Hakim (Judge) series met with the audience last Monday with its first episode. The ratings obtained in the first episode showed that the series attracted attention in all audience groups and that it made a good start with rates well above the average.

The story of the series, which includes important names such as Erdal Beşikçioğlu, Ebru Özkan, Uğur Yücel, Yurdaer Okur, Eslem Akar, Burcu Kara, Hasibe Eren, Seda Akman, Fatih Berk Şahin and Naz Çağla Irmak, makes everyone wonder. The trailer for the second episode has been released and the viewers are making comments stating that they have goosebumps.

Hakim felt from the very first episode that it will be one of the series that conveys the emotion to the audience in the best way, and increases the excitement with its trailers. It will not surprise anyone that the 2nd episode, which will be broadcast on Monday, April 11th, receives much better ratings.

The excitement of the second episode of the Hakim series, in which a judge confronts the country’s most notorious mafia leader to protect his son, engulfed the audience. You can see very positive messages in the comments made to the trailer published on Youtube.

The audience, who gave a passing grade to Hakim by saying “Number 10 series, good luck with your efforts”, shared comments stating that they are looking forward to the new episode.

Many viewers state that they feel the message and emotions that are wanted to be given from the series. A TV series viewer said, “It’s a super series. I felt it to my bones, I hope the ratings of the drama will be good too.”

According to many TV series, Hakim got off to a very good start in the ratings. The number of viewers may increase rapidly as the story of the series, which is expected to be in much better places in the Monday competition, in the coming weeks.

The magnificent performances of the actors are as effective as the story of the Hakim series, and it is one of the factors that make the series stand out on social media.

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