Everyone is asking! Will Hande Ercel play with Can Yaman in the TV series El Turco? She gave the answer herself
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30 March 2023 10:33


Everyone is asking! Will Hande Ercel play with Can Yaman in the TV series El Turco? She gave the answer herself

The night, which was held due to the launch of the digital platform Disney Plus in Turkey on June 14, turned into a parade of celebrities. Hande Erçel was one of the names that attracted great attention and participated in the magnificent opening celebration of Disney Plus, which made agreements with many Turkish actors.

The fact that Erçel’s Instagram account has reached 29 million followers, which has gained great success in the international arena after the Sen Çal Kapımı (Love is in the Air) series in which she played the leading role with Kerem Bürsin, was broadcast in 85 countries, is a situation that draws great attention. The actress receives millions of likes and comments with her social media posts.

All eyes were on Hande Erçel on the night of Disney Plus. The actress preferred a strapless black mini dress and long gloves. Hande Erçel, whose jewelery is also eye-catching, was one of the prominent names of the night. By the way, of course, the question that fans are most curious about is her new series…

This question was directed to the actress. Because the actress is expected to face the camera with Can Yaman in the El Turco series, which will be shot for Disney Plus. There is no clarity on this issue yet, and Erçel’s fans are also waiting eagerly.

Hande Erçel, to the question of the new series, “There is nothing clear yet. But there are projects that excite me a lot,” she replied. The actress also stated that she is reading various scenarios. However, as it can be understood from this statement, there is no project that she has accepted or started preparations for at the moment! She is still evaluating the offers and reading the script. Thus, it is understood that her role in the El Turco series is not clear for now.

Some time ago, it was said that Hande Erçel would say yes to the offer from the TV series El Turco, in exchange for receiving the same fee as Can Yaman. It is not known how accurate these claims are, but it has emerged with the last statement that Hande Erçel has not yet accepted the offer from the El Turco series!

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