Everyone is waiting for news from Burak Deniz, look what the famous actor is doing.
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25 March 2023 23:23


Everyone is waiting for news from Burak Deniz, look what the famous actor is doing.

Burak Deniz has displayed his talents with his acting performances in recent years. The famous actress, who shines in an instant with Bizim Hikaye (Our Story), did a very successful job in the ATV series named Maraşlı last season.

After the character of Maraşlı Celal Kün, in which Burak Deniz drew attention with his beard and mustache, it was for another project that he suddenly changed his image. The actress, who was filming in Italy for the TV series Cahil Periler, directed by Ferzan Özpetek, also fulfilled her duties in the project in which she took part in 4 episodes.

Burak Deniz made good friendships and made new friends in Italy… The actor, who hosted his friends in Turkey for the finale of the series, went on vacation when the shooting was over.

Burak Deniz, who has been working for a long time and could not find a vacation opportunity, published his pool poses on his Instagram account. The cheerful mood of the actor also made his fans happy.

The posts garnered more than 500 thousand likes in a short time. Series fans are waiting for news from the famous actor…

Burak Deniz, who received an offer for the Netflix series Şahmeran signed by Ay Yapım, has not yet responded. It was stated that the actor, who is expected to play the leading role with Serenay Sarıkaya, has a positive perspective for the project.

However, there is no news yet that Burak Deniz will take the lead role in the TV series Şahmeran. Shooting will start in September and let’s see if the famous actress will be partnered with Serenay Sarıkaya.

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