Everything changes from the beginning in the second season of the Baba series!
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30 September 2022 09:40


Everything changes from the beginning in the second season of the Baba series!

The Baba (Father) series, which is expected to mark the year 2022, achieved ratings below expectations. Although the story was liked in the series Baba, in which Haluk Bilginer and Tolga Sarıtaş came to the fore, it could not have the expected striking effect.

The Baba series not only received above-average ratings, but also gained a massive audience. The series has a tight following and its ratings are above average. The Baba series, which showed a stable trend in terms of ratings, received approval for the second season.

The breakups before the second season of the TV series Baba, on the other hand, indicate that the new era will be very different and full of different innovations. Among the names leaving the series are Beril Pozam, Oktay Çubuk and Macit Koper.

It was also revealed that both Zeynep Tuğçe Bayat and Özge Özacar will leave the series. Thus, the number of actors who have said goodbye to the series so far has increased to 5.

There will be a summer break in the series Baba, which will soon complete the first season, and important preparations will be made in this process. These new preparations are being made to make the series stronger with both the story and new characters.

The series Baba, which has 14 episodes so far, will make the season finale with its 15th episode on Tuesday, May 31. The series is expected to be on the screen again in September, 3 months later.

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