Everything is ok in Kanal 7's Emanet series, only one thing is missing!
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25 March 2023 01:08


Everything is ok in Kanal 7’s Emanet series, only one thing is missing!

The Emanet series will soon meet with the audience on Kanal 7 screen. The two lead actors of the series, whose first season was very successful, gained great popularity in a short time.

The duo of Sıla Türkoğlu and Halil İbrahim Ceyhan showed a great rise in social media despite the fact that the series was not on the air during the summer period. Both young players received a lot of interest from their followers and it was seen that they achieved good results in the most talked about players ranking.

The reasons why the first season of the Emanet series was very successful; It was a good match of two famous names and the story was liked. Fans of the series also made comments that congratulated the entire series team for the high performance in the first season, which lasted 205 episodes.

The series team, whose first season was completed in June, went back to the set after resting for about 2 months. Filming for the second season started last week, and new trailers are also overlapping.

The second trailer of the second season of the Emanet series has been released. The interest in the new trailer, which was published with the slogan “Those who pay the price in the way of love”, was also great.

The images of Yaman’s death both upset the fans of the series and increased their curiosity about how the story would develop. Everything is ok in the safety series. The team has started work, the trailers have been released and the audience is waiting with great excitement.

However, one thing is missing from the show. It is also that the release date has not been clarified yet. The Emanet series is expected to be on the screen at the beginning of September. However, Channel 7 has not yet given information about the broadcast date.

The series, which is broadcast daily, meets the audience five days a week. In the new season, the Emanet series is expected to meet with a high audience interest.
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