Exemplary behavior from Demet Evgar, who plays a woman who is a victim of violence in the Alev Alev TV series!
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5 October 2022 17:32


Exemplary behavior from Demet Evgar, who plays a woman who is a victim of violence in the Alev Alev TV series!

The famous actress Demet Evgar, who gave life to the character of ‘Cemre’ who was a victim of violence in the Show TV series Alev Alev, in which she played her last role, supports the ’16 Days of Activism, End Violence Against Women’ Campaign launched by the United Nations Women’s Unit.

Famous names who said “Don’t Be Indifferent to Violence” said that they would not remain silent about violence in all areas of life, on the street, at home, at school, at work. One of those names was the famous actress Demet Evgar.

“For an end to violence against women, the government, civil society, private sector and public should act together and transform society in solidarity. Saying that violence against women is not just a women’s problem, it is a social and global problem, the famous actress gave an interview to Milliye Newspaper on the subject.

Demet Evgar, “The campaign started with your voice and continues. What are your thoughts on the campaign?’ she answered the question as follows; “We witness violence against women everywhere. On the street, at work, on social media, in the circle of friends. It is our responsibility not to remain silent and to resort to protection mechanisms when we witness violence.

That’s why fireflies are calling everyone #Don’t Stay Indifferent to violence this year. I voiced one of the 7 violence cases and referrals on the campaign site. With these guidance, UN Women informs us all about what we can do when we witness violence.

UN Women also called on me to #Do Not Be Indifferent. By both recording my voice against violence and voicing one of the cases, I invite everyone to show solidarity under the campaign and not be indifferent, in order to be united against violence against women.

Worldwide, violence against women is unreported, suppressed by feelings of stigma, shame and fear. We have to prevent this. We need to use reporting and reporting mechanisms. The purpose of the campaign is to tell us what we can do when we witness a case of violence. Contributing to this is valuable to me.” said.

Demet Evgar, who made the statement, “When I come across someone who is exposed to violence due to physical and psychological pressure, my first reflex is to try to communicate with the person who was subjected to violence.”

In any case of violence against women, it is my right to call the official authorities and report the situation. When I report violence, my information is kept confidential in official authorities. Therefore, it is not possible for anyone to reach my information. I should not intervene directly in violence by avoiding behaviors that would endanger the safety of myself or my relatives.

All information about what to do in case of violence is available on the #Registered campaign site, atesbocekleri.info.

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