Series News Expectations are high from Bora Akkaş, who participated in the Üç Kuruş TV series!

Expectations are high from Bora Akkaş, who participated in the Üç Kuruş TV series!

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Things are not going well in the Üç Kuruş series broadcast on Show TV, which Ay Yapım brought to the audience with great expectations. In addition to the successful lead performances of Ekin Koç and Uraz Kaygılaroğlu; Nursel Köse, Aslıhan Malbora and Nesrin Cavadzade continue their work successfully as female lead roles. However, the ratings of the series are below expectations.

The year 2022 was not good for the Üç Kuruş series, which received better rates at the beginning of the season. The fact that the interest of the audience is decreasing gradually is reflected in the rating figures. In such a situation, the screenwriters, who were in search of an exit, included a new character in the story.

Özge Yağız and Bora Akkaş took the lead roles in the TV series “İçimizden Biri”, which was broadcast at the beginning of the season on Show TV. The series lasted 6 episodes and Bora Akkaş will now appear before the fans with the Üç Kuruş series. It should be noted that Özge Yağız also agreed with the Baba series on the same channel.

While the new character was eagerly awaited in the Üç Kuruş series, the Nezih character played by Zafer Algöz in the last episode also said goodbye to the story. The screenwriters will try to increase the excitement and curiosity in the story with the new character played by Bora Akkaş. The fans, who know the actor’s performance well, know that he will make a difference in the Üç Kuruş series and keep their expectations high.

In order for the Üç Kuruş series to rise in the ratings, such steps must be taken. Let’s see how the ratings of the new episodes to which Bora Akkaş will contribute will come. We will continue to monitor and keep you informed of the developments.