Ezgi Mola didn't even think for a second about that scene in the Masumlar Apartmanı!
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5 October 2022 12:59


Ezgi Mola didn’t even think for a second about that scene in the Masumlar Apartmanı!

The series Masumlar Apartmanı, broadcast on TRT 1 on Tuesday evenings, does not receive as many ratings in the second season as in the first season, but it still has a bone audience. The series, starring Ezgi Mola, Merve Dizdar and Birkan Sokullu, was on the screen with its 61st episode this week.

Ezgi Mola, who gave life to the character of Safiye with her successful acting in the series, appeared before the audience in the new episode with the heavy drama-filled scenes in the script. Ezgi Mola went through a difficult time in the episode where Safiye sank to the bottom and her traumas came to the surface.

The actress won the appreciation of the audience with her successful performance in the heavy drama scenes. Before the broadcast of the series, she and many actors, like Merve Dizdar, who gave life to her sister Gülben, expressed on social media that the 61st episode would be talked about a lot and increased their curiosity.

The new episode of the series, directed by Çağrı Vila Lostuvalı and Çiğdem Bozali, included legendary scenes for everyone. While Ezgi Mola was playing Safiye’s sick moods very successfully, she didn’t even think for a moment to cut her long hair short for her role!

Although many of the audience thought that she used a wig in this scene, the real Ezgi Mola also showed herself with the social media posts on and after the broadcast. The actress, who took the scissors and cut her hair on stage, will now appear before the audience in a new style with her short hair.

Ezgi Mola stated that she never preferred to use a wig after reading the script before this scene. The actress, who did not hesitate to chop her hair for her role, was once again applauded and praised with this attitude.

Among those who praised her were names such as Burcu Kara, Demet Akalın, Boran Kuzum, Burcu Esmersoy, Eda Ece, Zeynep Bastik, Melisa Doğu, Serkan Altunorak, Merve Dizdar, Filiz Akın, Aslıhan Gürbüz, Hazal Subaşı. Her followers and lovers emphasized that her short hair suits her very well.

The actress also spoke about this scene as follows: “The character I enjoy playing the most is Safiye. While we could come across such a successful script, director and crew, it gave us the feeling that if it can make the character feel even more, I should do it on stage.

It’s a good thing that happened and I cut my own hair on stage. I think this is by far the best episode of the season, and there will be episodes where we will understand Safiye better.”

Here is that scene…

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