[Fahriye Evcen] is so jealous?
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27 March 2023 16:48


[Fahriye Evcen] is so jealous?

[Fahriye Evcen & Burak Ozcivit] latest news …

There has been a recent argument in the magazine media …

Actress is jealous of her husband from women whom actor took part in …

Because of this situation also brings a variety of bans to his husband and is grumpy.

The famous actor  is surprised by these allegations …

He was the face of a clothing company.

He was asked a question about having a discussion with his wife Fahriye Evcen because of jealousy.

Actor, “You know me, these are ridiculous things.”

We do not know whether actress enters jealousy crisis. However, he is calmly handling the situation well.

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