Fahriye Evcen risk came true for the Alparslan series!
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29 November 2022 11:41


Fahriye Evcen risk came true for the Alparslan series!

The Alparslan Great Seljuk series had a very successful season and it will close for another period with the 27th episode. The project, which started as Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu (Awakening Great Seljuk), took a storm on the TRT1 screen this season with the renewal of both the story and the cast as Alparslan the Great Seljuk.

The collaboration of Barış Arduç and Fahriye Evcen also contributed greatly to the success of the series, and the audience often appreciated the characters of Alparslan and Akça Hatun. Fahriye Evcen returned to the sets for Alparslan, which she took a break for about 4 years because she became pregnant with her son Karan and gave importance to her postpartum care.

However, while Fahriye Evcen’s choice was being talked about at the beginning of the season, the issue of whether she would take part in the project for a long time was always stuck in mind. The famous actress could not come to an agreement with Emre Konuk, the owner of Akli Film, who offered her to continue in the second season.

Fahriye Evcen, who cares about the care of her son and works on a very comfortable set this season, although the production team provided her with a comfortable environment, could not find the strength to continue.

The duo of Barış Arduç and Fahriye Evcen will also end with the season finale in the 27th episode… So the question is, will the female lead change in the Alparslan series affect the story negatively?

Many fans of the series loved the couple Barış Arduç and Fahriye Evcen, and while this strong interaction in the series was also accepted, the breakup to be experienced brought with it a problem for the new season.

The issue of who the new female lead will be or how the story will continue at this point is eagerly awaited. Producer Emre Konuk, who took the risk of Fahriye Evcen under all circumstances, has now entered a difficult process.

Difficult processes await the producer, such as finding the new female lead, as well as ensuring her compatibility with Barış Arduç, her involvement in the story, and the audience’s acceptance of this situation.

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