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4 July 2022 08:17


Famous actor couple Melis Birkan and Aras Aydın got married, social media was destroyed!

Melis Birkan, who is remembered for her role in the movie Issız Adam, which left her mark on a period, and Aras Aydın, the actor who came to the television screens with the TV series “İkizimiz Sırrı” (The secret of us), have been together since 2019.

Two famous actors, who have been away from the tabloid press for 3 years, got married. The news of the wedding, which delights the fans of Melis Birkan and Aras Aydın, was also on the agenda in social media.

Melis Birkan and Aras Aydın’s close friends attended the wedding, which was held between the family. Engin Akyürek, the actor with whom Birkan and Aydın previously acted together in the TV series Sefirin Kızı (The Ambassador’s Daughters), did not leave the duo alone.

During the wedding, the guests did not sit down even for a moment. Famous actress Melis Birkan, who made a name for herself with her role as ‘Ada’ in the movie Issız Adam, which marked 2008, wore a wedding dress signed by fashion designer Gamze Saraçoğlu.

Close friends of the couple, who attended the wedding, shared many images from the wedding on social media with the hashtag Melis&Aras.

Many actress friends, including Timur Acar, Özgür Çevik, Binnur Kaya, Özge Özder and Beyza Şekerci, did not leave the Melis Birkan and Aras Aydın couple alone in these happy days.

The actress’ wedding dress divided the social media into two! Famous names wished the couple happiness with their social media posts.

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