Famous actor Murat Ünalmış made such a joke that his fans broke the ice!..
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4 February 2023 09:43


Famous actor Murat Ünalmış made such a joke that his fans broke the ice!..

Famous actor Murat Ünalmış, who made a throne with the character of “Demir Yaman”, which he portrayed in ATV’s phenomenon series Bir Zamanlar Çukurova, said goodbye to the audience in the finale of the third season of the series.

However, the loyal audience of the series did not believe that the character of “Demir Yaman” was dead for a while, and there were even those who were waiting for him to come out. The famous actor, who has definitely said goodbye to the series, has been away from the screens for a while.

During the period when the actor took a break from the screens, he longed for his fans with the shares he made on his social media account. Murat Ünalmış made such a joke in his last post on his Instagram account that he caused his fans to freeze in a short time.

Sharing his photo with the lamb in his lap, the actor wrote under the photo and made the hearts of his fans jump.

He shared, ‘This mother’s mother did not accept because they washed his lamb. We decided to cut it and save money. We came to make jokes.’ he dropped his note.

A follower of the actor drew attention with the comment, “I thought you cut it for a moment”. Noticing Murat Ünalmış’s joke, his followers commented, “You are so sweet.”

Murat Ünalmış’s post received thousands of likes and comments. While the fans of the actor, who became a phenomenon with the character of “Demir Yaman”, were waiting to see Murat Ünalmış on the screen again in the new season, the actor preferred to be interested in the restaurant he opened in Cappadocia.

The actor, who caught the coronavirus in the past days, informed his fans about his health status from his social media account.

Although the fans who miss seeing Murat Ünalmış on the screens are eagerly waiting for the new project of the actor, it seems that the famous actor will be longing with his fans on social media for a while.

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