Artists News Famous actress Özge Törer is sick of action, but she also made a confession!

Famous actress Özge Törer is sick of action, but she also made a confession!


Özge Törer, who met with the audience in the historical series called Kuruluş Osman (Establishment Osman), received the support of a large fan base with the character of Bala Hatun.

Özge Törer, who was aware of the fact that she started her acting career in such an effective story, made her name known not only in Turkey but also among Turkish series fans in many countries of the world.

Özge Törer’s confession that she had difficulties in the series of Kuruluş Osman during action-packed moments was also a remarkable detail. The actress loves action, but he gets very tired in such scenes in a series like Kuruluş Osman, where the action never ends.

Özge Törer expressed the difficulties she experienced on the set with the following words in her interview on YouTube:

“I love the action, but it is also very difficult. Action scenes are my favourite. It’s really hard to control a horse. No matter how experienced you are, it is difficult. She has a sword around her, war situations. I’m having a hard time, but I can’t say ‘I’ve had a hard time’ because I love it. I can only say ‘ahh’ when I wake up with pain the next day.”

With this sincere confession, Özge Törer revealed that the action scenes on the set of the TV series “Kuruluş Osman” are not easy for an actress.

Mentioning that she wakes up with various pains in her body the day after physically taking part in such scenes, the actress still loves her job and role, and successfully completes the action scenes despite all kinds of difficulties.