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13 August 2022 06:57


Famous actress Serra Yılmaz, who lives in Italy, made a surprising confession about her going to Italy!..

Serra Yılmaz, who has been involved in numerous projects in theater and cinema in Italy for seventeen years, has achieved many successes in different fields in the country.

The famous actress, who was the guest of the January issue of Milliyet Art Magazine, made candid statements in the interview. Serra Yılmaz made remarkable statements about how the Italian adventure started;

“They did me a favor and fired me from the City Theatres. I started to do theater in Italy. I sincerely say this, I am grateful to Nurullah Tuncer and all her team. They caused such a good thing unwillingly,” she said.

Stating that she resisted going to French school in order to impress and attract her father in her childhood, the actress said, “My father and grandfather used to fight in French, that’s how my interest in French was born. When I reached a certain age, I realized that; In my life, I actually tried to be the woman I thought my father would like. I tried to be a woman who could speak, read, and speak a good language, but also related to art and culture,” she said.

Stating that she likes to act bad and bad roles, Serra Yılmaz is getting ready to appear before the audience with the serial adaptation of the Ferzan Özpetek movie “Cahil Periler”, which she starred in 20 years ago.

The actress stated that she enjoyed working with director Ferzan Özpetek and said, “In each episode of the series “Cahil Periler,” the story of one of the side characters in the movie is handled. At first, I was skeptical of the idea of ​​a cult movie turning into a TV series. On the set, that feeling completely disappeared.”

Cahil Periler will meet with the audience as an 8-episode series on Disney Channel. Serra Yilmaz; “All the films we made with Ferzan were enjoyable, but some were more enjoyable. There was a great enthusiasm, a great youth, maybe a bit of carelessness in Cahil Periler,” she said.

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