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3 July 2022 12:46


Fans are waiting for the new series decision from Ceren Moray!

Ceren Moray, who shines with the character of Efsun in the O Hayat Benim series, also gave a very good performance in the Courtyard series. Ceren Moray has also made her fans happy by taking part in different projects one after the other.

The famous actress could only find 9 episodes in the character of Zeynep in the Öğretmen series, which made an early finale. Afterwards, the actress, who appeared in the digital series called The Usual Suspects, took his place in the digital series named Death Suits Whom.

The production called Yalancı and Candles is cited as the most effective proposal in front of Ceren Moray. It is among the backstage information that he made an offer to the actress for the series where the story of 4 women will be told.

It is stated that Ceren Moray has not accepted a project yet, but is interested in Yalancı and Candles, an adaptation of the South Korean TV series Mistresses.

One of the four female lead actors is likely to be Ceren Moray. His fans are also eagerly awaiting the decision of the famous actress to make for the new season.

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