Artists News Fans betrayed Aslı Enver, reporters caught her!

Fans betrayed Aslı Enver, reporters caught her!

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Famous actress Aslı Enver has not been around for a long time… The actress, whose fans are very curious about what she is doing, attended a friend’s birthday party the other day.

Reporters noticed her birthday at a venue in Kadıköy from a fan’s post and immediately went to the venue to interview Aslı Enver. The famous actress was quite surprised to see the reporters in front of her at the exit of the venue.

Reporters who said that they reached Aslı Enver with the sharing of her fan, showed how effective social media is now. Aslı Enver was quite surprised by this disclosure of her fans.

Aslı Enver, who explained that they had dinner with her friends for her birthday, said that she was fine and everything was fine.

When asked about the new project, the famous actress stated that there is no project she agreed with, saying, “There is nothing at the moment.” Aslı Enver said that she had read the scenarios but she could not give details.

The actress, who attracted attention with her smiling face, also denied the rumors of love and did not want to talk about her private life.