Fans who saw Damla Colbay's new image were amazed!
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27 November 2022 08:26


Fans who saw Damla Colbay’s new image were amazed!

Damla Colbay, who attended the event held on the occasion of March 8, International Women’s Day and drew a different image with the clothes of the 1980s, dazzled with her beauty.

The actress, whom we watched in the lead role in the ATV series called Yalnız Kurt (meaning: Lonely Wolf), is in the main center of the story with the character named Sare.

After the series named Hekimoğlu, many offers came to the player who preferred Yalnız Kurt in the new season. Hasan Denizyaran became the partner of Damla Colbay in the new series signed by Osman Sinav.

Although the first episodes of the series, which also includes Cihan Ünal, received good ratings, it is noteworthy that there has been a decrease in interest in Yalnız Kurt in recent days. Even if the ratings have dropped a little, the team of the series is working hard and putting a lot of effort.

Damla Colbay also stated that she had a very busy period at the event she attended and that such an event was an opportunity to take a good break.

On March 8, International Women’s Day, 24 successful women took the podium and supported them in order to realize the dreams of young university students.

Women from famous names took part in the night with different outfits from 1940 to the present. Damla Colbay also attended the fashion show with her 1980s outfit.

The actress said, “I am incredibly happy to be in such a beautiful job with so many beautiful women. I thank all my female friends here for their support,”

Damla Colbay also said she didn’t have the opportunity to do anything. The actress said, “The series continues, being in such a beautiful organization in such a busy pace has added color to my life. That’s why I’m so happy to be here right now.”

Explaining that she usually continues to work on the set and prefers a quiet life other than that, the actress added that everything is fine and she is in good spirits.

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