Artists News Fans wonder; Müjde Uzman’s nose is aesthetic or not?

Fans wonder; Müjde Uzman’s nose is aesthetic or not?


Müjde Uzman, one of the most talked about names of this season with the character of Alev in the Kızılcık Şerbeti (Cranberry Sherbet) series, answered the questions that her fans wondered about and searched on google.

The actress told those who asked her age that she was born in 1984 and that sshe is 39 years old. Explaining that she had plastic surgery for her nose, the actress said, “Yes, I did. Because I was Brazilian on the left and Black Sea on the right. I said enough is enough. Then we fixed it,” she said.

Expressing that he is 1.72 meters tall, the actress found it surprising that people were curious about whether she had a child or not. For those who are researching whether Gospel Specialist has a child on Google, the actress said, “Is this really being searched? No. I am still a child, I am raising myself”.

Stating that she was from Eskişehir on her father’s side, but was born in Istanbul, the actress said that she graduated from the Department of Public Relations.

Fans wonder; Müjde Uzman's nose is aesthetic or not? 7

The Libra player said that she had her birthday tattooed on her body.

“Who is the Müjde Uzman?” Stating that the searched question is very deep, the actress said, “I am a citizen of the world, I am human. The rest is empty,” she replied.

Saying that she may have eaten with the money she earned for the first time in her career, the actress said that she loved to eat by saying “I had a big meal, I went to an expensive restaurant”.

Expressing that presenting gives her more pleasure than acting, Müjde Uzman said, “You talk as you like while under job control, it’s a good thing.”

Explaining that the actors are more free and can emulate the role in movies, Müjde Uzman stated that the most technical and difficult ones are the TV series.