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22 May 2022 02:25


Farewell preparations in the Teşkilat series, where the three leading actors are separated!

We are going step by step towards the end of a season in the TV series Teşkilat (Organization), which is being shot in Ankara. Çağlar Ertuğrul, who plays the character of Serdar, said that they are approaching the season finale and that they are in the final stage of shooting.

After 3-4 episodes, the series is expected to make the season finale and take a summer break. Stating that Ankara is very cold this winter and this situation affects them negatively, the actor will continue to appear in the series next season.

Filming for the third season of the TV series Teşkilat is planned to start at the end of summer, and new episodes are scheduled to meet with the audience in September. It is also eagerly awaited what will happen in the series, whose 46th episode will be broadcast on Sunday, May 15. Last week, the character of Hakkı, played by Tuncer Salman, said goodbye to the story.

It should be noted that after Mesut Akusta and Ezgi Eyüboğlu’s departure, 3 of the names that started as the leading roles in the first place left. After the departure of these 3 actors, who have made great contributions to the team since the first day of the series, new celebrities are expected to join the series before the third season.

If the Teşkilat series is not strengthened with new characters, it may be difficult in the third season. Therefore, the team is expected to make significant changes.

So what will happen in the 46th episode of the series? The team goes after the people who caused the death of Hakkı…

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