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5 July 2022 21:14


Feyza Sevil Güngör, the Ayça of the Savaşçı TV series, found the TV series opportunity of her life!

The young actress Feyza Sevil Güngör, who was born in 1997, had the opportunity to watch the fifth season of the TV series Savaşçı. The actress, who played the character of Ayça, was one of the many names in the cast of the renewed production.

The young actress, who played the character of Ilayda in the TV series “Misafir” on Fox TV, gained experience in the series, which was decided to make the finale in the 5th episode. Now, the young actress has been presented with the TV series opportunity of her life.

It has been revealed that the young actress will take part in the Kuruluş Osman series, produced by Bozdağ Film. Journalist Birsen Altuntaş will give life to the young actress’ character named Hera in the series.

Confirming that she participated in the series by sharing the congratulatory messages sent to her from her Instagram account, the actress will become a partner with Burak Çelik.

You will soon see the convergence of Hera and Göktuğ characters in the story.

The actress, who graduated from Istanbul Commerce University, seems to have taken the strongest step of her career, which has just started with the Kuruluş Osman, on the sets of the TV series.

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