Fikret Ali, the son of Hazal Kaya's teacher!
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25 March 2023 23:05


Fikret Ali, the son of Hazal Kaya’s teacher!

Hazal Kaya, in the live broadcast she attended, said that she was in love with her husband Ali Atay. Speaking about her son Fikret Ali, the famous actress said, “My teacher is Fikret Ali.”

Hazal Kaya had her son born in November 2019.

Explaining that her son’s type is similar to his father Ali Atay, the famous actress said: “His looks are very similar, really.”

Giving details about what she learned from her son, Hazal Kaya said, “The need to follow someone at this moment is very strange. At any moment, I have it at one end of my head. He got vaccinated in the morning, did he have a fever? It is so strange to be thinking of someone at any moment, with such great love. ”

Speaking that this love has increased every day, the famous actress underlined that she saw surrender both in pregnancy and after childbirth. Hazal Kaya, who makes an effort to improve herself and allows her son to reveal her attitudes, is in a time when she needs to think very thinly.

She said: “Let me train myself so that I do not break it. He is always unique, so he can protect himself. ”

Hazal Kaya stated that she made an effort to make her son more free.

Hazal Kaya, who participated in the trainings besides the books, said that life is now two for her.

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