Artists News Finally, Nesrin Cavadzade deleted Gökhan Alkan!

Finally, Nesrin Cavadzade deleted Gökhan Alkan!


The happiness photos of famous actress couple Gökhan Alkan and Nesrin Cavadzade are a thing of the past. The famous couple, who met on the set of the Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) series and started to live in love, put an end to their relationship in the past months.

The separation of the actor couple, who has been together for about two years and is expected to get married soon, came to the fore when Gökhan Alkan deleted his photos with his lover Nesrin Cavadzade on social media and unfollowed the beautiful actress on social media.

However, Nesrin Cavadzade continued to share her romantic photos with Gökhan Alkan on her Instagram account and did not unfollow the handsome actor.

This situation confused the fans of the duo. In the news in the tabloid press at that time; There were allegations that the couple’s relationship ended, that Gökhan Alkan left the house they lived in together, and that Nesrin Cavadzade said to her surroundings, “I want it to end quietly”.

Finally, Nesrin Cavadzade deleted Gökhan Alkan! 7

The duo of Nesrin Cavadzade and Gökhan Alkan always remained silent during this process and did not make any statements about the separation. The fact that Nesrin Cavadzade also removed the photos with Gökhan Alkan from social media and unfollowed her ex was an indication that there was no hope for the relationship.

Fans who are curious about the relationship status of the duo are trying to solve the situation by commenting on their instagram accounts. Because the first thing to do when you leave is to delete old photos taken together and unfollow your lover.

Gökhan Alkan and Nesrin Cavadzade last came to the fore on December 8, 2021, Gökhan Alkan’s birthday, with the photo frames they shared from the celebration organized by Cavadzade.