Artists News For Doğukan Güngör, portraying the character of Fatih was like a psychological test!

For Doğukan Güngör, portraying the character of Fatih was like a psychological test!


Doğukan Güngör, who appeared before the audience with the character of Fatih in the TV series Kızılcık Şerbeti (Cranberry Sherbet), annoyed many viewers as a result of his success in the role.

The actor specifically stated that he did not agree with the actions of the Fatih character and explained that he received different reactions from the audience he encountered on the road.

Stating that the series was very successful in the first season and that the audience adopted the project, the actor stated that he was pleased with the reactions in his statement on Habertürk.

The actor stated that the series was very popular and that he watched it a lot, and that the first season was a success, and that he was especially impressed by the first season finale.

Doğukan Güngör said, “I was very impressed by the final scene. “I can say that there was a ‘Fatih’ who was stuck in despair, regret, guilt and fear of loss,” he said.

Stating that it was difficult for him to portray a character like Fatih, even if it was required by the role, Doğukan Güngör said the following about Fatih, who is in love with his wife Doğa and does not want to lose her:

“After the final scene of the first season, we predicted that we would encounter a different ‘Fatih’ in the second season. Despite everything that has happened, there is now a ‘Fatih’ who is in love with his wife, does not want to lose her, and has also become a new father. “The role is really difficult because it has its contradictions, he wants to bring his family together but at the same time he upsets them.”

The actor, who had difficulty portraying a character full of contradictions, said that he also received interesting reactions from the citizens on the street.

The actor explained that spectators blocked his way on the street and reproached him because of Fatih:

“Yes, there is a slightly more impulsive ‘Fatih’ this season. In his mind, every path to success is fair. He is doing unacceptable things to bring ‘Doğa’ back into the house.

The audience is very reacted to ‘Fatih’s separation of the mother and the baby. It was also talked about a lot on social media. Aunties on the street stop me and say, “Son, don’t separate the baby from its mother.”