Series News Foreign audience’s reactions to the Turkish series

Foreign audience’s reactions to the Turkish series


When we look at the comments on (Twitter), we see that many viewers cry in the drama series and are very influential.

In the comments reflected in the social media, nice words are written for the artists of Turkish series.

The foreign fans of the Turkish series of artists are constantly increasing.

Here are comments from some series of followers on social media:

* I’m watching the Turkish series my mom always watches and I’m on the floor crying

* Their series I thought you’re Turkish

* Many people nowadays are learning Turkish simply because of these series, by watching and listening them with Albanian subtitles.

* okay but you’ve never experienced real angst in a slow-burn ship until you’ve watched a turkish series

* i like turkish series but so much drama and an episode lasts 90-120 minutes

* I am really surprised how much I like Turkish historical fiction series’ airing on Netflix, like this one about a…