Series News Foreign support for the Gülcemal series is increasing, the anxiety for the final never ends!

Foreign support for the Gülcemal series is increasing, the anxiety for the final never ends!


Among Turkish TV series, we see that especially the viewers abroad show a strong ownership towards Gülcemal series. Gülcemal started to come to the fore among the content that was reflected on social media and attracted the attention of foreign series fans.

The biggest handicap of this powerful drama series starring Murat Ünalmış and Melis Sezen is its low ratings. Although Fox TV expected better ratings, the Gülcemal series has not been able to give a very good rating test since the day it started. It is an important development that the 4th episode of the series, which was broadcast on Thursday evening, May 4, had a good break in ABC1 group and approached the ratio of 4, but it is not enough. It is important that the series exceeds the 4 ratings for both individuals and AB groups.

Still, the Gülcemal series, which attracts great attention from the audience and is widely talked about on social media, creates a more passionate audience with each new episode. We can say that especially the fans of foreign TV series have started to have a special interest in the Gülcemal project and they have shown this interest with thousands of comments and shares on social media.

The fans of the Turkish series abroad, who constantly share about the series on Twitter, also show great interest in the videos shared on YouTube. The number of people who like the harmony of the two leading actors, praise the story, and also share short videos from the scenes of the series, are increasing.

The fact that the Gülcemal TV series has started to attract so much attention from the fans of the foreign series and its increase in the last few weeks may also have a very positive effect on foreign sales.

However, the biggest concern of the audience is the final decision at the end of the season. It seems that the ratings coming in triple ratios will not be enough for this production to be carried to the second season.

The loyal audience, who thinks that Fox TV does not promote enough and that the series needs to be announced to wider audiences, is waiting anxiously.

The increase in ratings to be achieved in May may have a very positive contribution to the series, which will meet with the audience once again on Thursday evening, May 11, with its 6th new episode.

However, failure of the series to reach 4 or higher ratings will always cause it to face the risk of a finale.