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6 July 2022 10:59


Fox TV gave the most important task to the Misafir series!

Misafir, which was announced to begin on Thursday evening, November 11, was a highly anticipated production. First, the date of November 4 was announced by Fox TV, but the series will be in front of the audience with a week delay.

The story of the series, starring Hazal Kaya, Buğra Gülsoy and Ozan Dolunay, started to attract attention with the release of the trailers. The young woman, who had a traumatic childhood, suddenly jumped on the road in traffic and the female driver of the vehicle collided with a pickup truck to avoid hitting her. After this incident, the young woman meets the middle-aged man by chance, who is alone with her two children.

The young woman who took the children from her mother will now have to be a balm for their wounds. The Misafir series, which has an interesting story, is expected to attract a lot of attention due to the Hazal Kaya factor. However, the biggest handicap of the series is that very effective series are on the screen on the broadcast day.

With Camdaki Kız, Kanal D is now the sole owner of Thursday evenings. The drama-laden story of the series, which won first place in all categories, attracts more attention every week.

Even though the TV series Barbaroslar, broadcast on TRT1, moves away from the first place, it receives above-average ratings and is in a strong position.

Bir Zamanlar Çukurova is spending its fourth season on the ATV screen and still has an influential audience on the screen in all people and ABC1 groups.

In addition to 3 such important TV series, Fox TV gave Misafir the task of achieving a good result in the ratings. The job of the Misafir series is not easy at all…

Even if Hazal Kaya is in the lead role and its story draws a lot of attention, it will not be easy for the Misafir series to debut in front of 3 important rivals.

However, if Fox TV shows some patience and the series can make the audience love its story, it can be permanent in the Thursday competition.

The Misafir series will face a tough test on Fox TV’s toughest day of the week in terms of ratings. If the first episodes do not produce good results, the team has to deal with the threat of Fox TV’s takedown.

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