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6 July 2022 14:46


Fox TV has a series full of logic errors!

In the new season, new series continue to appear on the screen one by one, and Fox TV is doing its best to make the audience love its new series. It was unfortunate that the final decisions of the Uzak Şehrin Masalı and the Son Yaz TV series were taken.

Both series ended due to low ratings. It is observed that the series named Yalancılar ve Mumları is also having rating problems. The series, the first two episodes of which were aired, was adapted from the BBC production Mistresses… Despite the coming together of very influential names such as Ceren Moray, Elçin Sangu, Şafak Pekdemir, Burcu Gölgedar, Feyyaz Duman and İsmail Demirci, the scenario problem in the series continues.

This situation of the story with logic errors is one of the reasons for the indifference of the audience. Unfortunately, logic errors overlapped in the series, which Fox TV broadcast with great expectations.

Anibal Güleroğlu, one of the bloggers of Milliyet, drew attention to these logical errors in his review. Anibal Güleroğlu wrote the following for the logical errors in the series, for which Nermin Yıldırım wrote the script:

“The fact that Elif immediately hired Şerife, whom she saw in the park, as a babysitter for her daughter, and opened her house to her, did not fit the truth. Especially after the incident that developed from the horror movie cliché, the squeaky closet scene in the finale of the first episode, it’s not possible for her to be rehired. Aside from how much she knows about women, how can this right be given to someone who goes behind your back?

Moreover, how can you be trusted as a ‘babysitter’ to someone who leaves a box of pills in public where the children are? At this point, the fact that the missing husband tried to make his own daughter sick with drugs in order to get his wife to take the insurance money constitutes a separate question. On the other hand, it is another logical contradiction that she refuses to take out her life insurance just so as not to confirm her husband’s death while struggling to make ends meet. Well, then, don’t they ask what was the farewell ceremony with flowers thrown into the sea?

As you can see, “Yalancılar ve Mumları”, which opened with a murder scene and tried to reinforce its mystery with discourses such as “What do you do when it gets dirty”, could not present a picture that would appeal to the audience from the first stage, while floating in the air in terms of logic and character. Unfortunately, when secrets, lies and love lives were left in the air, the staff could not afford to postpone this truth.”

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