Fox TV's tactic with the Mahkum, which was found ridiculous, took hold! Excitement is at its peak for the third episode rating!
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6 October 2022 11:38


Fox TV’s tactic with the Mahkum, which was found ridiculous, took hold! Excitement is at its peak for the third episode rating!

Fox TV has been the most criticized channel this season, especially by the audience. Fox TV, which made one finale when the ratings of the series it put on the screen were low, did something that had never been tried with Mahkum. The idea was found absurd, but the result seems to have been successful.

Fox TV, which draws attention by ending the projects it brought to the screen without giving much time, continues to be the focus of criticism this season. Unfortunately, Fox TV, which removed the series from the screen after a few more episodes, has unfortunately lost the trust of the audience. Viewers are constantly voicing their troubles on social media.

Fox TV brought the latest Mahkum series to the screen. He decided to try a first with this series. Accordingly, the first part of the series was broadcast on Tuesday, December 14, and the second part on Thursday, December 16. In fact, the Mahkum’s main day was Thursday. However, a new episode could not be shot when the coronavirus appeared on the set of Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey, which was broadcast on Tuesday evenings. He made a very critical decision on Fox TV and decided to broadcast The Mahkum that night.

Fox TV was again criticized a lot because of this critical decision. Everyone was uploaded to Fox TV again on social media. However, something very interesting happened and the series Mahkum got very good results in both episodes. Therefore, the risky and absurd decision of the channel gave a very good result.

Now the breath is held, the third episode of Mahkum, which will be broadcast on Thursday evening, is expected next week. If the third episode of the series, starring Onur Tuna and İsmail Hacıoğlu, gets a good result from the ratings, it will mean that Fox TV’s strategy, which is found to be absurd, works.

The Mahkum will take his place on the screen on Thursday, December 23, and the fans of the series will again watch a very exciting and emotional episode. Onur Tuna’s magnificent performance will also be talked about a lot when Prosecutor Fırat Bulut comes to terms with himself in prison.

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