Funny comment from Hazal Kaya to her son's picture
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25 March 2023 15:44


Funny comment from Hazal Kaya to her son’s picture

Famous Actress Hazal Kaya shared a picture of her little son Fiko, who was born in November last year, on her instagram page. In fact, Kaya had transferred Ceyda Düvenci’s post to the story section of her account.

Yesterday, the actress shared her photo while playing on the beach with Ceyda Düvenci’s son, Okan Ali. As it is known, Ceyda Düvenci moved her house to Bodrum for a while because her husband Bülent Şakrak played in the TV series The Ambassador’s Daughter.

She started to live in Bodrum with her children. Although Hazal Kaya did not state her position in her last posts, it is understood from her meeting with Ceyda Düvenci and going to the beach that he took her son Fikret Ali and went to Bodrum.

The actress, who is like a brother-sister with Bülent Şakrak, is also very good friends with Ceyda Düvenci. Therefore, they are having a pleasant time by bringing their children together.

Fikret Ali, son of Hazal Kaya, is about to turn 1. Hazal Kaya, addressing her lovely son as Fiko, carried that post shared by Ceyda Düvenci and for which she dropped the note “Because love requires this” to the story section of her Instagram page.

Hazal Kaya’s interpretation of Fiko’s adorable state in which he laughed and contained 3 collapsed photos in a row was also humorous. Kaya shared the photo that he put a laughter emoji saying “I gave birth” with the label “Fikom”.

Since it is in Story, the comments are not visible, but it can be guessed how cute Fiko was among those who saw it.

Let’s not go without saying Mashallah to Fiko, the lovely sons of Ali Atay and Hazal Kaya couple.

Here are the situations of Fiko and her mother’s sharing:

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