Artists News Furkan Kızılay emphasized the surprise for Survivor 2022!

Furkan Kızılay emphasized the surprise for Survivor 2022!


Furkan Kızılay was very popular with the character of Emre in the TV series “Çocuklar Duymasın”, which left its mark on a period. The actor, who was nicknamed Carrot because of his hair color in the series he participated as a child actor, could not get rid of this nickname for many years.

Furkan Kızılay showed that he did not want to be mentioned with this character anymore by not being on the screen in the last period of the series “Çocuklar Duymasın”. In addition to the character of Rıfkı in the Aslan Ailem series, the actor, who took part in various movies and TV series, will now take another big test.

One of the Survivor 2022 All Star contestants, which will be broadcast on tv8, became a famous actor. Furkan Kızılay said that 2022 will be full of surprises.

The actor said, “It will be a very good year. It will be a stormy year. I think it will be a year where the audience watches by getting on the seats. That’s why I’m very excited.”

Stating that he is ready for the competition, Furkan Kızılay said that there are very talented competitors and that surprise names can come to the fore.

Explaining that everyone was very well prepared for the competition, the actor wished success to all his friends and no injuries.

Wishing a good year, the actor added that he will miss his family and eating the most.