Gecenin Ucunda series was delayed, but Neslihan Atagül gave the good news to the fans!
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28 September 2022 09:33


Gecenin Ucunda series was delayed, but Neslihan Atagül gave the good news to the fans!

The duo of Neslihan Atagül and Kadir Doğulu, who will share the same set again after 8 years, with the series Gecenin Ucunda (At the end of the Night), also became the producer partner of the series. The couple, who met with TMC Film’s owner Erol Avcı for the details of the series, expressed their excitement.

Towards the end of July, the shooting of the series Gecenin Ucunda was expected to begin. However, the project was somewhat delayed. The first week of August has passed, but the set has not yet been set for the series. Neslihan Atagül said, “We will start soon” and stated that they will give good news to their fans very soon.

The duo, who came together in the TV series Fatih Harbiye and crowned their love that started on the set with marriage, is taking another step in their careers. Gecenin Ucunda series is of great importance for the couple not only in terms of sharing the same set again, but also in terms of being production partners.

Star TV’s most ambitious projects in the new season are the Gecenin Ucunda series, which will be shot in partnership with Alim Yapım, owned by Kadir Doğulu, and TMC Film.

A long preparation process for the Gecenin Ucunda has passed. The start of filming was delayed a bit, which means the show’s release date will also be delayed a bit.

Neslihan Atagül stated that everything is fine in her private life with her husband Kadir Doğulu. Expressing that it would be comfortable for them to share the same set with her husband again after years, Neslihan Atagül said, “As long as Kadir is in my life, I hope it always happens. His presence in my life is already a tremendous gift for me,” she explained.

Explaining that everything is fine on the production side and that they will make new projects, Neslihan Atagül was also in good spirits.

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