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7 July 2022 01:21


Get ready for dirty tricks and lies in the Sadakatsiz series!

The story of the Sadakatsiz series begins a period of increasing intrigue. The second season of the series, which was screened on Wednesday evenings, continues on its way with good ratings. Cansu Dere, Caner Cindoruk and Melis Sezen have been the prominent names in the series, which continues to take the first place in the EU group.

Two new players joined these names. Berkay Ateş as Aras and Aslı Orcan as Leyla will have an important place in the story. Leyla will make a big raid in the middle of the love relationship that started between Aras and Asya.

Leyla took her place in the story as the wife of Aras, who said she had lost her memory. This character, played by an influential actress like Aslı Orcan, will change the course of Sadakatsiz.

The character of Leyla, played by Aslı Orcan, comes with big lies and intrigues. Leyla’s story, and what she will do, will make her fans even more curious. The period of lies, slander and intrigue begins in the Sadakatsiz series.

The character of Leyla Ateşoğlu, who appeared for the first time in the 37th episode of Sadakatsiz, was thought to increase the tension of the story. The screenwriters noticed the weakening of the story in the series, and Leyla came upon it.

Having an audience that likes to watch scenes full of intrigue makes the screenwriters’ job much easier. Dirty games, along with lies, Leyla character will confuse the Sadakatsiz series too much.

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