Artists News Gizem Karaca’s return to television series made her fans happy!

Gizem Karaca’s return to television series made her fans happy!


Famous actress Gizem Karaca was born in 1992 and has achieved a strong career with her successful performances in the projects she has recently taken part in. The famous actress, who has recently been interested in movies, returned to television series after a break of 2 years.

The actress, whom we last watched on the television screen with the character of Evdokya in the TV series Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu, has now become a part of ATV’s successful drama series Safir (Sapphire).

Gizem Karaca, who has achieved a strong career by taking part in influential TV series since 2011, is a name that has tackled many different roles in many different projects.

The actress, who has achieved great success in unforgettable TV series projects such as Adini Feriha Koydum, Güzel Köylü and Kara Sevda, is now preparing to appear before her fans as the Güneş character of the Safir TV series.

The cast of the Safir series continues to expand. After Ruhi Sarı joined the series with an effective character, now Gizem Karaca was surprised.

Gizem Karaca became a part of the Safir series with the 15th episode with the character of Güneş. What the Güneş character will change in the story will come to the fore more clearly in the coming chapters.

Gizem Karaca, who said that the Güneş has a very special meaning for her, explained her feelings with the following words:

“The sun is the source of life, it is as dangerous as it is beautiful. All planets revolve around it. That’s why I generally use the sun symbol very often in my daily life, on my clothes, in my paintings and in general in the decoration of my home. I was very surprised when I heard that my character name was Güneş. I love some coincidences. So I called. I really want to establish the Güneş as a strong and central character, like a Güneş. I think the Güneş will give energy and power to everyone and everything and add life energy. I have just met my lady Güneş, I have great plans and excitement about her :), I will make a shining woman out of her. “She will be a woman who warms your heart, but will burn you if you get too close.”