Gökhan Alkan waited and waited, he exploded the bomb with another good TV series project!
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2 April 2023 09:08


Gökhan Alkan waited and waited, he exploded the bomb with another good TV series project!

Gökhan Alkan fans are waiting for the new series Kraliçe (Queen) with great excitement and curiosity… The excitement of the series fans increases as new information comes from the project, which is the domestic adaptation of the TV series Queen Sugar, which attracted great attention when it was broadcast in America and met with the audience for 7 seasons.

It is expected that the TV series team will start working on the set in February, and the TV series “Kraliçe” will meet the audience in March. In the series prepared for Kanal D, we will watch Burcu Özberk in a strong female character and her fans are therefore very hopeful about the Kraliçe series.

Gökhan Alkan’s fans are also happy to see the famous actor on the screen again after the Kalp Yarası (Heart Wound) project. Gökhan Alkan, who has been away from the sets for about a year, is also known for his success in project selections, as before. Gökhan Alkan, who was born in Istanbul in 1987, is one of the names that has been on the sets since 2012.

Known for being involved in fewer projects than many actors, the actor aims to appear in front of the audience with selective and always different characters.

After gaining attention with the character of Tarık in the TV series “Kocamın Ailesi”, the actor gained experience in the TV series Seviyor Sevmiyor” and made his big debut with the TV series Kalp Yarası. After this project, which was broadcast in the 2017-2018 season, Gökhan Alkan appealed to a wide audience with the Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) series and finally achieved great popularity with the Kalp Yarası series.

It is an important detail that Gökhan Alkan will be partnering with Burcu Özberk, who is the sought after name of romantic comedy projects of the last period. Fans, who think that the duo will make a great TV show couple, are already excited about the project called Kraliçe.

Queen Sugar is an award-winning production of the sisters who have to reunite after their father’s death and manage the sugarcane field together.

It was also a matter of curiosity how the story of the brothers, who struggled with great difficulties while operating the field, would be reflected in the Kraliçe TV series in Turkey, and how the scenario would develop.

Burcu Özberk said in her statement that the story deeply affected her. There are important details about the series in the following words of the actress:

“We will watch a strong woman. Her family’s life was stitched in knots. She is a devoted and reliable woman. She is devoted to her family, she does it not as a duty but because she is really willing and happy. While they have a busy and orderly life of their own, all of their faith is destroyed by a big event. In the meantime, we will see her rebuild herself and her life as her father puts a huge responsibility on her.”

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