Series News Gönül Dağı series continues its success and proves that it is a monument of stability!

Gönül Dağı series continues its success and proves that it is a monument of stability!


Episode 116 of Gönül Dağı (Gönül Mountain), the popular TV series of TRT 1, which entered the fourth season with viewing records and constantly increased its success rate, came first in all categories. The TV series Kızılcık Şerbeti (Cranberry Sherbet) and Gönül Dağı, which achieved double-digit ratings this season, attract great attention.

Continuing to be broadcast on TRT1 on Saturday evenings, Gönül Dağı continues to attract millions of viewers, as it did in the previous 3 seasons. We should point out that the series again achieved first place in the ratings with its 116th episode and was talked about a lot on social media.

It is also a fact that the series, which has been successful on the screen for four seasons as a monument of stability, has written its name in golden letters in the history of Turkish TV series.

The series, which achieved very successful ratings with its 116th episode, once again proved that it is one of the strongest productions of the season by getting very close to double digits in the all-person category and double digit ratings in the ABC1 group.

Gönül Dağı, which tells the story of an Anatolian tale in the steppe, yellow lands, legends that have been told for years, and unforgettable loves, reflects on the screens sections from the lives of Anatolian children who cultivate big dreams in their small world, and 3 cousins who try to achieve the impossible despite all obstacles.

Gönül Dağı, which touches on the very important problems of our country and touches the audience with its sincere scenario blended with love, respect, tolerance and our traditional values, continues to motivate and guide young people in entrepreneurship.

Produced by Köprü Film/Ferhat Eşsiz and directed by Yahya Samancı, the script of Gönül Dağı is written by Ali Asaf Elmas, Mustafa Becit and Emel Çokçalışkan.

The TV series Gönül Dağı, starring Berk Atan, Semih Ertürk and Cihat Süvarioğlu, will continue to attract attention with its strong story and impressive acting performances in the coming weeks.