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20 August 2022 09:46


Gönül Dağı series is once again magnificent in the ratings, Kardeşlerim are keeping their power!

TRT1’s popular TV series Gönül Dağı is meeting with the audience for its second season. The series starring Berk Atan and Gülsim Ali İlhan is also talked about with the awards it has won. Gönül Dağı, which also won the award for the best use of Turkish, is a production that finds its success with the audience.

The 49th episode of the Gönül Dağı series, which was shot in Eskişehir’s Sivrihisar district, was broadcast. The new episode, which aired on Saturday, January 29, won first place in all categories. Gönül Dağı, who took the first place with double-digit rates in all people, AB and ABC1 groups, continues to be the most successful production of TRT1.

In the list of the best TV series of the season, Kuruluş Osman and Gönül Dağı are sharing the first two places… Another notable TV series in the Saturday competition is Kardeşlerim…

We see that the Kardeşlerim series, which is broadcast on the ATV screen, maintains its power. The series, which won the second place in the category of all people, approached double-digit rates, but could not exceed it.

Achieving lower rates in the AB and ABC1 categories, Kardeşlerim series ranked fourth and third. The story of the series is progressing very successfully and the audience is looking forward to the new episode every week.

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