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16 August 2022 18:19


Gönül Dağı’s beautiful actress Gülsüm Ali İlhan has a request from her fans on her birthday!..

The beautiful actress Gülsüm Ali İlhan, who made a throne with the character of “Dilek”, which she portrayed in the TV series Gönül Dağı, broadcast on TRT1, turned 27 today.

On her birthday, the actress asked her followers to support the Cancer-Free Life Association. Gülsüm Ali İlhan addressed her fans with the following words in her Instagram account:

“Hello, February 18 is my birthday. I wish the coming of my new age to be different this year than usual. I want you to help me to do good and heal together. I opened a campaign for @kansersizyasam on the @iyilikpaylas platform and donated my birthday. For the children we can make laugh thanks to the supports you send me as a gift; Thank you all so much in advance. Much love to you all…”

Gülsüm Ali İlhan was born on February 18, 1995 in Ruse, the 5th largest city of Bulgaria, as the daughter of a Turkish family living in Bulgaria. The beautiful actress, who came to Turkey at the age of 16, started her screen journey in 2012 with the TV series Son Yaz Balkanlar 1912.

The actress, who speaks fluent Bulgarian, English and Japanese, as well as a very good knowledge of Turkish, has taken part in popular productions, including Payitaht Abdulhamit, Diriliş Ertuğrul and Seddülbahir 32 Saat. Gülsüm Ali İlhan plays the lead role in Gönül Dağı, where she plays with Berk Atan.

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