Good news came from the famous actor Murat Ünalmış!
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30 November 2022 02:36


Good news came from the famous actor Murat Ünalmış!

Famous actor Murat Ünalmış, who made a throne with the character of “Demir Yaman”, which he portrayed in ATV’s phenomenon series Bir Zamanlar Çukurova, said goodbye to the audience in the finale of the third season of the series. However, the loyal audience of the series did not believe that the character of “Demir Yaman” was dead for a while, and there were even those who were waiting for him to come out.

While the fans of the player, who became a phenomenon with the character of “Demir Yaman”, were waiting to see Murat Ünalmış on the screen again in the new season, the actor preferred to be interested in the restaurant he opened in Cappadocia.

The famous actor announced that he had caught the coronavirus with the following statement on his twitter page; “After two years, my covid-19 test yesterday was positive. I have a flu-like condition. I’m fine for now. It is said to be a very fast spreading variant. Take care of yourself. I will be in quarantine until the first week of the new year. Hope to see you in good health in 2022.”

A new statement came from the actor about his health status. Ünalmış, who informed his fans about his health status from his Instagram account, gave the good news that he is getting better every day.

In the message he published, the actor did not neglect to thank his fans for their support and the nice messages they sent.

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