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6 July 2022 19:53


Great interest in Azerbaijan as The Bandits series actor

Savaş Özdemir, who gave life to the “Tipe” character of the Bandits TV series, went to Baku as an invitation to a television channel.

The actor, who visited the historical, touristic and cultural places of the city as part of the program shootings, was closely related with his fans.

People who are visiting the city for shooting TV programs are attracted to Savaş Özdemir.

The actor who visited the cultural and historical places of the city did not break his fans who wanted to take photographs.

Savaş Özdemir, “I like Baku very much. It’s a very systematic and clean city. I am also very impressed when I see the value given to the artist. I’m surprised that the directory is being watched here a lot. The interest of the Baku people made me very happy. I think I will come back soon, “he said.

The successful player did not neglect to visit the Turkish martyrdom in Baku.

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