Artists News Great love in the heart of Elçin Sangu

Great love in the heart of Elçin Sangu


We are faced with an Elçin Sangu reality, which is increasing its popularity day by day. The fact that the number of followers exceeds 7 million in the Instagram account provides important information.

Elçin Sangu drew attention with her career jump that came with the Rental Love series. The actress then brought new characters to life with the Crash series and 9 Times of Leyla movies.

Sangu’s steady progress both in business life and private life also attracted more attention. She, who attracts great attention not only in our country but also abroad, is also very popular with their natural state.

The actress, who shared her pose with her dog from her Instagram account, almost hugged her with the affection of a mother and showed the power of love from her heart.

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My peace daughter #padme