Great poses and madness confession from Sera Kutlubey, who is a new participant in the series Hercai!
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26 September 2022 20:35


Great poses and madness confession from Sera Kutlubey, who is a new participant in the series Hercai!

Sera Kutlubey, who participated in the Hercai series, which was broadcast on Sunday evenings on ATV screens and gave life to the character of Azra, came to the fore especially with the Ruthless City series. Kutlubey, who also made remarkable posts on social media, was a guest on the cover of the March issue of MoodBoardMags magazine. The successful actress almost captivated her fans with the poses she posed for the magazine. The frames shared from the magazine’s Instagram account received thousands of likes and comments in a short time. Kutlubey made special statements to the magazine about both her private life and his profession after the shootings.

Sera Kutlubey, one of the sought-after faces of the screens with her acting in recent years, was the guest of the cover of the March issue of MoodBoardMags magazine. The successful actress, who came across the lens for the magazine, was highly appreciated with her beautiful poses, and she also made striking statements in the special interview she gave. Kutlubey said that her biggest passion in life is acting and writing.

Who is Sera Kutlubey? How did her interest in acting begin?
Sera Kutlubey: I have wanted this job since my childhood, it was like house keeping in my dreams. I was not a very bright student in high school, I did not like school very much; Whenever I joined the theater club, then I really started to have a bond with the school. After that, I always wanted acting in my life and I started preparing for theater exams and my path continued in this way.

How would you describe yourself?
Sera Kutlubey: I don’t like to put myself in certain patterns. The outer eyes are already sufficiently molding us into certain patterns. Apart from that, I try to enjoy whatever I am doing; This is not just about doing the things I love, of course, we have some responsibilities that we do and have to do without enjoying. Finding a way out while I’m in them is perhaps like playing small games with myself.

Do you have clear rules in your profession?
Sera Kutlubey: My own values… Not only in my profession, but in every corner of life.

What would your slogan be if you were a famous brand?
Sera Kutlubey: I’d rather not need a slogan.

What is your biggest passion in life?
Sera Kutlubey: Acting and writing …

Are you one of those who sing in the bathroom?
Sera Kutlubey: I am one of those who listen to the last voice rather than sing. My bathroom list is also separate.

What’s the biggest craze you’ve ever done?
Sera Kutlubey: I think the profession I chose is a madness in itself. If I need to give a specific example, I think of a moment when I climbed the roof of the house I stayed in London for a while. It was raining very well and I love the cloudy weather. I climbed, walked all the way to the roof, watching the rain and the sky for a while. Everything was very good until the time I am back. As it was a triangle, it was not enough to walk on the roof, as if it was not enough, my feet started to slide on the roof with the increasing rain and I slipped as I walked. I could not ask anyone for help, and I was not sheltered at all. I really remember coming face to face with death. After my flock, I was in bruises everywhere, this excitement cost me dearly.

Handsome man or smart man?
Sera Kutlubey: Again, I wouldn’t want to follow a certain pattern, but external appearance is not really a criterion. It affects the inside and outside of the person, but unfortunately, it cannot affect the outside inside.

You think it’s tough being a woman in Turkey?
Sera Kutlubey: Difficult. Not only in our country, but also in every corner of the world, women fight in different ways in different positions. Unfortunately, mobbing against women exists in every culture and status. And of course we do not bow to them. In addition, I can easily say that without discrimination on gender; It is really difficult to survive as a human being today.

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