Great success of the Legacy
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8 February 2023 20:45


Great success of the Legacy

Legacy series, which continues to meet with the audience on the Channel 7 screens during the evenings of the week, continues to attract attention even though it is not broadcast on one of the mainstream channels. We watch Sıla Türkoğlu in the character Seher and Halil İbrahim as Ceyhan as Yaman. The two young actors are also successfully portraying their roles.

The experiences of Yaman and Seher actually bear traces of many people’s lives. This is the most important reason why the Legacy series is liked… The series has become a good alternative for those who want to watch a different production during the weekday evenings and spend their time with daily productions.

There has been an increase in the ratings of the Legacy series for the last 1 month. The most important factor in making the series stand out is that the story of Yaman and Seher is realistic to many viewers. Legacy came to the fore when it was a story that can be experienced in daily life.

Another remarkable detail of the series is that the audience interest is constantly increasing. Legacy started on September 7, 2020 and continues on its way with sure steps. The good ratings indicate a successful result on behalf of Kanal 7.

The 143rd episode will be broadcast on Wednesday, March 24, in the Legacy. Viewers will once again experience different emotions together. Yaman and Seher, who want their nephews to be saved, come together and stand by Yusuf. Knowing that they have to overcome this disease together, Yaman and Seher are back together with Yusuf’s help.

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